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Digital Camcorder Review

Samsung 34x Optical Zoom Mini DV Digital Camcorder Review

When you're searching the market for a new digital camcorder, it can be very easy to just buy the first camcorder you come across. While there are many amazing camcorders available...

IPod – Evolving Accessory Technology

When IPod came onto the market, most consumers realized this was the beginning of a long running, successful campaign in consumer MP3 products. What many did not realize, is the extent...
Cell Phone Battery

Steps to Increasing the Life of a Cell Phone Battery

One of the many issues that we have as cell phone users is battling the life of our cell phone battery. If we have to go out of town, or work...
Mind maps

How to Create Mind Maps with MindMeister

One of the best ways to organize goals, projects and items is by creating mind maps. Mind maps allows you to build on a central idea and branch out as much...
Technology Provides for Increased Safety While Driving

Honda’s Advance Trio Driving System Technology Provides for Increased Safety While Driving

Honda is one of the most popular vehicles on the market and has some new technology that everyone should be made aware of.The Honda's ADAS or Advanced Driving Assist System is...
Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Unveils ‘Surface,’ a Revolutionary Grab-Screen Table

The Microsoft Corporation has just released yet another technologically advanced 'everyday' object. The object is called "surface," a coffee table shaped computer that will react to human touch as well as...
The Endless demand for geek technology

The Endless Demand Of Geek Technology

An area where all nerds excel: technology. After all, what makes us the computer geeks we are if not for the machines which dominate our lives? Yes, we all have computers,...
Internet Explorer logo

Internet Explorer 8 : The Latest Change in Internet Technology

Why is the new browser popular?For those who were judging that the new Internet Explorer 8 as just another Explorer with a few updates that would be able to match the...
Writing Songs

4 Technology Tools to Help You Write Songs

Song writing is a lot of work, as any of the masters will tell you. It takes concentration, a good ear, and a fast mind. Luckily, these days there are a...
Victim of a Scam

How to Protect Yourself from Becoming the Victim of a Scam

A scam can occur anywhere, at any time, when you least expect it. Though there is nothing you can do to prevent these scams from occurring, you can arm yourself with...


Disingenuous, I Leopard, Rihno

Disingenuous Disingenuous, Susumu Yoshida's latest venture in themes, released last week on his website, abandoned the colors and gloss of themes like Cats and Eternal...
Satellite TV

All About Satellite TV