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Hp Laptop

HP Pavilion Entertainment-Centric Laptop Review, Model: DV6305

Whether you're on the road, or in the air, you need to have a laptop computer that allows you to easily perform your work-related tasks, as well as your entertainment-centered desires....
Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Unveils ‘Surface,’ a Revolutionary Grab-Screen Table

The Microsoft Corporation has just released yet another technologically advanced 'everyday' object. The object is called "surface," a coffee table shaped computer that will react to human touch as well as...
Satellite TV

All About Satellite TV

Satellite TV is a highly advanced technology that allows television channels to be delivered through satellites placed high above the Earth. In order to receive these channels, the viewer must subscribe...
Tiny New MP3 Players

Accessorize with Tiny New MP3 Players

Nanotechnology is a new buzzword that means "the control of matter on a scale smaller than 1 micrometer." Maybe someday in the future we will be able to inject little nano-robots...

How to Select a Gaming Computer Right for You

I talk to many, many people interested in buying a Gaming Computer. Most are capable and willing to build their own, but they're more interested in the warranty and expertise that...

Google Experiments; Recommends with Its +1 Technology

There are a number of different ways for Internet users to proclaim what specific pieces of information found online were useful. Google has now joined the ranks of the content usefulness...
Viruses On Cell phones

How To: Prevent or Avoid Spware and Viruses on Cell Phones

Technology continues to evolve, so has an overwhelming concern of security and privacy. Cell phone hackers can gain access to your administrative tools and fully hijack your cell phone. According to...

Improve Sales and Traffic with a Good E-commerce Solution

E-commerce is the most convenient way of selling and purchasing goods. The advance in technology has resulted in a big influx in the number of e-commerce websites on the web. Be...

The Exoskeleton Will Make the Wheelchair Obsolete

A piece in IEEE Spectrum describes a technological innovation that will revolutionize how the mobility challenged are able to move about. It is an exoskeleton and promises to make the wheelchair...
Writing Songs

4 Technology Tools to Help You Write Songs

Song writing is a lot of work, as any of the masters will tell you. It takes concentration, a good ear, and a fast mind. Luckily, these days there are a...


The Endless Demand Of Geek Technology

An area where all nerds excel: technology. After all, what makes us the computer geeks we are if not for the machines which dominate...