The world of digital camcorders is shrinking. There may be more and more brands hitting the market, but the size of the actual product is getting small fast. This can be evidenced in the new UltraHD digital camcorder from Flip Industries. Flip has devoted themselves to creating a camcorder for any lifestyle. If your life involves a cell phone, then they have the camcorder for you. The new Flip Ultra series is actually smaller than many of the smart phones on the market. Do not let their size fool you though. They are very capable little cameras that can handle anything that you throw at them and then some.
The Flip UltraHD video camcorder brings portability and versatility to the long line of digital camcorders on the market. There are several of these miniature camcorders in the Flip line, but the UltraHD offers the best clarity and detail of any camcorder out there. The HD quality of this little guy is not just in the name. It truly does take your videos to a whole new dimension.

The real selling point of the entire line of Flip camcorders is the size and versatility. These camcorders are the size of a cell phone and have a built in USB jack for ease and convenience. There is no more need for a separate cord or memory card port on your computer. This thing has a flip out jack that you can plug directly to your computer just like a flash drive. With the compact size and lightweight, you can now have a digital camcorder that is just as easy to carry and use as your standard cell phone. These aren’t like the bulky blackberry either. They can also fit in many of the cell phone holsters and carrying cases so you can add your own style and feel to your camcorder.

Most digital camcorders on the market right now require all sorts of straps and cables, and they are larger than the palm of your hand. The Flip is changing that with every model. The HD not only gives you stunning high def video, but it has 120 minutes worth of storage. The pocket size and super easy interface makes this one of the best camcorders on the market. Surprisingly, they are very competitively priced as well. Averaging $200, this little guy blows away the competition in every aspect. High res, compact, super simple, no more cords, and it all fits in your pocket so you are ready to shoot whatever life throws at you.


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