Disingenuous, Susumu Yoshida’s latest venture in themes, released last week on his website, abandoned the colors and gloss of themes like Cats and Eternal and instead adopted all-grey appearance. As a long-time Mac Themes resident artist, everyone expects high quality in the aesthetics department of his themes and icons- but is Disingenuous a unique release, and does it attract appeal from users of themes like Cats?

Disingenuous might be familiar to long-time fans of Susumu’s creations, and for a good reasons- fans of works like TRUTH, LIE or UMASO will recognize some of the styles used, such as the engraved glyphs or distinct title bar buttons. It’s not to say. Disingenuous is unoriginal, but it’s certainly “inspired”- the good news is that every single element seems refined and revisited, certainly welcomed on my part.

So let’s start with the windows and right off the bat, Aqua and Metal windows gain the same appearance- a gray metal color just slightly darker than standard Aqua metal- and use the same corner radius and bevel as standard Aqua, too. Tabs, wearing a lighter gray, sport beautiful gradients and silky-smooth shadows, using a simple inner shadow to present feedback. Buttons are the perfect example of Susumu’s talent in refinement, though: any newcomer to themes might write off these controls as ITunes-inspired, but the addition of strokes, drop and inner shadows make the buttons uniquely his, and even the smaller buttons are beautifully redrawn in this style.

I leopard

As ordinary Aqua pulled out the gloss and give it a goodness touch of ITunes. This is a theme developed by Guillaume Champagne and several other providers. I Leopard is one of the first developed themes for 10.5 MAC operating system. You can download this package from the Internet, and it comes with complete installer, extra icons, and it is connected to the present development. In general, it holds up attractive display; while there are petty some issues that will go around the pickiest of UI experts, the effort holds up as extremely practical ITunes skin.

Let’s begin with a bit of a provision: near around a year and a half ago, the team began the creation of their own ITunes-sequel theme known as “Ten Five”, which begins out as easy metallic display of the Is and rapidly split off into a reproduction of Leopard Aqua. This was for updated Is Tiger, obviously now that Leopard is not in use, the team has stopped it and don’t see any requirement to support it more.

Building a theme that aims to reproduce the makeup superiority of one more product is hard. If the theme is depending on somewhat with outlines or controls not in a row with individual themes.


Rhino is the newest theme from artist Toner. The theme is efficient; merge curved inset buttons with a pleasant collection of grays, the effect of which is the extremely solid and functional theme that it might be of use for well, eternally.

Rhino is simply identifiable as the effort of Toner. It’s got the whole thing you’d wait for shiny buttons, a stripy growth bar like neon, and flat gray title bars. It’s approximately a bit on the weak side; however, that is the reason it is not in use. Windows in this theme are plain, flat and in order by patterns. The limits are all beveled now a little, suggestive of a credit card. This is topped off by a mark Toner flat gray incline. The buttons are all insets charcoal tablets that flatter other UI elements such as tabs and drop menus splendidly. The shade of the UI essentials presents attention for the user, as well creates it easier to use plus more friendly than Toner preceding works at neon and centum.

The DMG can be downloaded from the Internet and can be installed easily. The best parts here are you will get the similar Mac themes for windows operating systems also.


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