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Whether you’re on the road, or in the air, you need to have a laptop computer that allows you to easily perform your work-related tasks, as well as your entertainment-centered desires. A laptop that provides you with enough performance and memory to store all of your documents, movies and music files is very important when you’re searching for a portable computer. The Hewlett Packard Pavilion Entertainment-Centric Laptop, Model: DV6305 has been outfitted with a processor and other internal technologies to accurately boost your work-related projects, and with upgraded entertainment features, you will be able to store all of your media files without a problem.
Main Product Features:

The first feature that comes with this laptop computer from Hewlett Packard is its overall portability. While many believe that if they are buying a laptop computer, the product will be easily carried from one place to another. The sad truth is there are numerous laptops that are not as portable as their owner’s desire. However, with this laptop computer from Hewlett-Packard you will be able to enjoy extreme portability, since it only weights 6.6 pounds.

With a 15.4″ display, this laptop computer is perfect for both travelers as well as those who will use their laptop mainly at home. Since the screen is under the 17-inch mark, users will be able to watch their movies in brilliant clarity and without a small picture as well as being able to easily transport this product when needed. The main reason why I love this laptop computer so much is because it is perfect for a wide variety of users, and with the versatility that comes within the monitor, anyone from gamers, professionals and entertainment buffs will be able to use this laptop however they deem fit.

There is a total amount of 80GB of hard drive storage, which is much less than other laptops, but will be sufficient for those looking for a standard, entry-level, laptop computer. If you are an advanced computer user, which utilizes the assistance of numerous programs and has an extensive digital music and movie library, you may want to purchase a laptop with more hard drive.

The AMD Turion 64 Mobile Technology Processor, will provide users with a substantial increase in processor productivity. Again, this laptop computer is perfect for average consumers, but will not be sufficient enough for advanced techies.

Product Price:

You will be able to find this laptop computer for an average price of only $675, which is quite reasonable for a high-tech entry-level laptop.


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