Tiny New MP3 Players

Nanotechnology is a new buzzword that means “the control of matter on a scale smaller than 1 micrometer.” Maybe someday in the future we will be able to inject little nano-robots into our bloodstream to seek out new disease or genetic imperfections on a microscopic level and then destroy or repair it. We haven’t quite gotten there yet, but there has been a quiet revolution in technology on a much, (ahem) smaller scale.
There are currently more than 450+ nano-based consumer products on the market. They range from electronics to cosmetics, automotive, and medical products. One area where the gadgets are getting smaller and smaller is how we listen to music. Here are a few new mp3 players that incorporate nanotech:

Over the years, the folks that manufacture Swiss Army Knives keep adding more and more tools to their survival knives. It’s enough to make Maxwell Smart and Inspector Gadget jealous. Now they have added an mp3 player to the new S.Beat. The saw, pliers and the corkscrew had to go, but in addition to the tunes, you still have the knife blade, scissors, and nail file. The tiny removable mp3 player features a high-quality 3-line LCD display and 1 GB of storage capacity. It can handle multiple file formats; can be used as a flash drive for your files, and you can recharge its built-in battery with your USB connection. (www.thinkgeek.com)

Up for a friendly game of streetball? Take your tunes along to the court with you with a shiny new pair of “Code M” sneakers from Dada footwear. These high-tech sneaks have a wireless headphone and an mp3 player and speakers built right into the shoe. You can charge them with your USB and they have built-in controls. And speaking of Agent Maxwell, pretty soon you’ll be able to take your phone calls through your shoes too. (www.dadafootwear.com)

After that hard game on the court, you want to relax and still listen to your music. In fact, with these devices, music can be playing inside of your head all the time. So relax with the OSIM iGoGo. This is the world’s first Wireless Music-Synchronized Massager. The iGoGo transforms your favorite music into a simultaneous massage for your body with its patented technology. Each OSIM iGoGo comes with the iGoGo unit, 2 wireless massagers, 2 pairs of gel pads, gel pad holder, earphone, USB cable, and a power adapter.

So now if you’re stuck in the wilderness, running down the basketball court, or relaxing after a hard day’s work, you can have all of your favorite tunes handy. And pretty soon you can take your calls without even taking off your shoes.


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