Viruses On Cell phones

Technology continues to evolve, so has an overwhelming concern of security and privacy. Cell phone hackers can gain access to your administrative tools and fully hijack your cell phone. According to Rick Mislan, former military intelligence officer says, “it’s real.”
Purchase or download a security software program for your cell phone. Spyware on a PC is not different from spyware on your cell phone. Use a USB cord to plug into the PC and transfer over the security program to your cell phone or download the program from a secure website to your phone. Once downloaded, click on “Scan Device.” The program will search for any known threats on your cell phone.

Switch your bluetooth off when the cell phone is not used. This will prevent cell phone hackers from entering your phone and sending text messages, picture messages or video messages that contain viruses or spyware.

Avoid text messages from people you do not know. A Spam message opened and replied to may confirm a service called “World Tracker.” (See References 1)This lets the person who has sent the message locate the recipient (via Google Map) using a GPS system. They can track the whereabouts of your location. The service is available in the UK, but the company plans to expand to different countries. Ignore and delete suspicious numbers. Contact your cell phone provider to block the senders number from appearing again.

Avoid going to websites that offer free movies, games and ring tones. Unfortunately, websites that state free applications will have spyware attached to the program. Trustworthy website does offer free applications.

Searching web pages that are inappropriate can send data, such as dangerous cookies to your cell phone. Go to websites that are trusted by other users.

Finding spyware on your cell phone is easy to identify the subtle changes. Your phone will not turn off, or it may remain lit up long after you have turned the phone off. The phone lights up without receiving a call or touching the device. While talking on your phone, you may hear weird noises or clicks that are not coming from the other line.


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