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Why is the new browser popular?
For those who were judging that the new Internet Explorer 8 as just another Explorer with a few updates that would be able to match the new release of Fire Fox 3 has got another thing coming. The new version of IE8 has been specifically designed for the critics to appreciate.

The new version is mainly focused on making Web Browsing much faster and easier to use. This particular version has been marketed for everyone and I mean everyone. From your top investment bank business men to your average house hold, Internet Explorer 8 has been designed for you.

The new feature it has paid major attention to is on a better enhanced Address Bar and not to forget intelligent bars – The better tools that have been designed. The new version being release is also full of many other amazing features. Mainly of those that focus to develop security and privacy.

Enhanced Improvements

The previous version of Internet Explorer missed many of the fresh features available in the Beta version. Predominantly, those which have been designed at improving navigation.

Users that are prone to using multiple tabs on their previous Explorers 7 will definitely be in a sigh of relief with the new introduction in Internet Explorer 8 called “groups”. This unique and fascinating option allows a single new tab to be created from an old one. Different from IE7 the new tab is automatically placed on the right of the originating tab.

To make it easier to identify IE8 introduced colour coding. This basically means that when the new tab is open it is given the same colour as the first one.

This makes it much easier for all your similar web pages that you are browsing to be grouped together in the same colour, so no more having to fly through 20 tabs to find that page you were looking for. Another feature relating to this is being able to easily and quickly move tabs between various other groups. Simply a drag and drop does the trick.

Controlling of the entire group could not have been simpler. By just simply a right click it gives you the option of removing tabs from your group, closing the entire group and even duplicating the entire group for those who wish to open two pages of the same page. Other options also include being able to re-open tabs that have been closed previously. One feature that we feel is still lacking is being able to open an entire group by one click rather than having to open it individually, each tab at a time. We are in hope though that Microsoft may incorporate this idea in his final product.

Another major achievement is focused at the browsing aspect of Internet Explorer, not to forget navigation as well. Instead of having to see an old boring blank page any time a tab is opened, instead it will be full of links of previous websites that we have opened. For those unexpected shutdowns or if you just want to go back to the same page where you left of, restarting from your most recent browsing session is now available.

Give it a go

The beta is still bumpy in some areas, but for anyone interested in seeing the next big browser release, it’s stable, useful and well worth the download.


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