Digital Camcorder Review

When you’re searching the market for a new digital camcorder, it can be very easy to just buy the first camcorder you come across. While there are many amazing camcorders available to the public, only a select few of these will provide you with the necessary features to create breathtaking videos without much effort on your part. The Samsung 34x Optical Zoom Mini DV Digital Camcorder, Model: SC-D372 has all of the major features you expect, as well as numerous enhanced technologies to take your home movies to the next level. The best part about this digital camcorder is the fact that it is one of the most user-friendly camcorders on the market, and the interface is easily accessed and used by even novice consumers.
Main Product Features:

The first feature within this digital camcorder that users will enjoy is the fact that it is so lightweight. Just like digital cameras, if you are planning on taking this camcorder with you on family outings and when you’re visiting your friends, you need to have a camcorder that is lightweight. With the overall size of this digital camcorder being less than 7.5-inches long, and under 6-inches both in height and width, you will have an ultra compact and portable digital camcorder.

One of the most basic features, that every user will enjoy, is the 2.7-inch LCD widescreen viewing monitor. The best part about this LCD monitor is the screen has actually been coated with an anti-glare and reflection film, which allows you to easily see the screen even when you are in broad sunlight.

With a total optical zoom of 34x, you will be able to accurately zoom into any object, no matter how far away it is. However, it is when you move into the digital zoom where you are able to capture images that are extremely far away. You will be able to utilize a total of 1200x digital zoom, which is much higher than nearly every other digital camcorder on the market.

With the advanced Digital Image Stabilizer, you will never have to worry about your videos being shaky. This is a great feature to have when you are following a fast-moving object, or when using the optical/digital zoom. The Still Shot Mode let this digital camcorder act like a digital camera, providing you with extremely detailed still-pictures.

The only downside to this digital camcorder is its battery life. You can expect the battery to last for an average of 2 hours of straight shooting time. While this is not great, there are several other digital camcorders with much worse battery longevity.

Product Price:

Consumers will be able to locate this Samsung digital camcorder from nearly every major electronics retail store. The average price for this product is $200, which is a great deal for the high-quality videos that come from this camcorder.


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