Cell Phone Battery

One of the many issues that we have as cell phone users is battling the life of our cell phone battery. If we have to go out of town, or work long hours, we may experience a low battery prior to being able to find the time to recharge the battery. This could pose a major inconvenience to us. In this article, I will be expounding on numerous ways that we can prolong the overall use of our cell phone battery.
One of the best ways to prolong the life of the cell phone battery is to turn the power off when it is not necessary to have the cell phone on. If you are not going to take calls while you are at work, you could easily switch the power off. If you are in an area that you know to have poor reception, you could save life on the battery by turning the power to the phone off. You can also turn the power off when you are sleeping. When I am shopping, cooking, cleaning, or home schooling my kids, I always turn the power to my phone off. I have found that it helps to increase the time that I can use the phone before having to recharge the battery.

I am not sure how many people have backlights on their cell phone, but I have this feature. There is a setting on the back light feature on my phone. I decided to set it to always on at one point, but found that it was killing my battery rather quickly. I decided to put the setting back to where the backlight is not on, and now, my battery lasts a lot longer. This is another way to save the life on your cell phone battery.

I have also found that by using vibrate instead of a regular ringtone, my cell phone battery seems to get low a lot quicker. It is better to either turn the ringer completely off and allow the calls to go to your voicemail, or to use a ringtone. This will help you ensure that you are getting as much power as possible with your cell phone battery.

Many cell phones come with extra features like Bluetooth Technology and a camera. If you have these features, try to limit the time that you use these features – especially if you need to preserve the life of the battery on your cell phone.

There are other things that you can do to prolong the amount of life that your cell phone battery has:

1) Try to avoid extremely long conversations as this will drain the life from the battery

2) Make sure that you keep the area clean where the battery goes

3) Try to keep the battery as cool as possible

4) Avoid using cheap cell phone chargers as they may actually make your battery have a shorter period of function

5) When using a car charger, be sure that the vehicle is cool prior to plugging in

If you follow the above listed steps, you are sure to find that your cell phone battery is lasting much longer.


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